Last Updated: Spring 2020

大學部 Undergraduate Students

黃宇淳 Yu-Chun Huang
張立衡 Li-Heng Chang
童靖惠 Jing-Hui Tong

碩士班 Master Students

陳珏縈 Jue-Ying Chen
鍾育晴 Yu-Ching Chung
阮舒桃 Nguyễn Thu Thảo

博士班 Ph. D. Students

何俊瑋 Chun-Wei Ho | ResearchGate | In-Service
管卓康 Zhuo-Kang Guan | ResearchGate
莫 山 Mohsen Rezapour | TIGP
鄭璟郁 Ching-Yu Cheng | ResearchGate

博士後研究員 Postdoc Research Fellow

徐乙君 Yi-Chun Hsu | ResearchGate

專任助理 Assistants

黃綉穎 Hsiu-Ying Huang
黃俊銘 Chun-Ming Huang | ResearchGate | WordPress

碩士畢業生 Graduated Master Students

June 2015

June 2016

June 2017

June 2018

  • 甘禮有 Li-Yu Kan | ResearchGate | GET/OMP, Toulouse III, France
    Master’s Thesis: Sensitivities of Finite-frequency Body Waves: Inner-core Sensitive PKP Phases
    2018 地物學會與地質學會年會暨學術研討會 學生壁報比賽 優等

June 2019

Jan 2020

博士畢業生 Graduated Ph. D. Students

July 2019

  • 徐乙君 Yi-Chun Hsu | ResearchGate
    Doctoral Thesis: The active structure of the eastern flank of the Central Range in Taiwan
    2019 The 2nd Badong International Geohazards Symposium Poster Awards First Grade Prize

過往工作夥伴 Alumni

賴柏蓉 Po-jung Lai
葉嘉安 Jia-An Ye
張嘉芮 Chia-Jui Chang | Rice U., USA
賴思廷 Ssu-Ting Lai | ResearchGate | IPGP, France
康竹君 Chu-Chun Kang | ResearchGate | MOST