Comparative Studies of the Tectonophysics of Taiwan and West-Ireland Orogenies workshop II

2018 Jan. 14 (Sun.) John and Paul arrive Taiwan

2018 Jan. 15 (Mon.) workshop at Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Chair: Jian-Cheng Lee
9:30-9:40Opening RemarksAcademician Sun-Lin Chung
Director of Institute of Earth Sciences
9:40-10:30The tectonic position, origin, and emplacement of ophiolitesProf. John Dewey
Distinguished Emeritus Professor
University of California at Davis
Emeritus Professor Supernumerary Fellow
University College Oxford
10:30-10:50A reinterpretation of the metamorphic Yuli belt: Evidence for a middle-late Miocene accretionary prism in eastern TaiwanProf. Wen-Shan Chen
National Taiwan University
Chair: Yuan-Hsi Lee
11:00-11:20Complex Plate Configuration and Deformation in Taiwan OrogenyProf. Francis Wu
SUNY at Binghamton
11:20-11:40A tale of two metamorphic belts in eastern TaiwanProf. Chin-Ho Tsai
National Dong-Hwa University
11:40-12:00Fold interference pattern and Foliation development during the shortening to extension stage in Taiwan oblique collision systemDr. Gung-Ruei Ho
National Central University
Chair: En-Chao Yeh
13:30-14:20The Tectonic Setting of Arc-ontinent Collision: past and presentProf. Paul Ryan
Emeritus Professor of NUI Galway
14:20-14:40Mountain building process of the Taiwan orogenic beltProf. Yuan-Hsi Lee
National Chung Cheng University
14:40-15:00Reflection on wedge kinematics of the Taiwan mountain beltProf. Chih-Tung Chen
National Central University
Chair: Hao Kuo-Chen
15:10-15:30Normal faulting and structural analyses in eastern edge of Central Range in eastern Taiwan: an exhumed subduction fore-arc accretionary prism?Prof. Jian-Cheng Lee
Institute of Earth Sciences
15:30-15:50Imaging the anomalous high-velocity zone in Eastern Taiwan from dense seismic array deployments and its tectonic implicationsProf. Hao Kuo-Chen
National Central University
15:50-16:10Kinematic Constraints of Eastern Central Range, Taiwan and Tectonic ImplicationsProf. En-Chao Yeh
National Normal University
16:10-16:30Relationship between denudation and incision rates in Central Range Eastern Taiwan: Perspective from in situ cosmogenic 10BeDr. Chu-Chun Kang
National Central University

2017 Jan. 19 (Fri.) Workshop at DongHwa University, Hualien

Chair: Chin-Ho Tsai
9:30-10:20The sources of metamorphic heat during collisional orogeny: The Barrovian enigmaProf. Paul Ryan
Emeritus Professor of NUI Galway
10:30-11:10Tectonics of transtension in the brittle fieldProf. John Dewey
Distinguished Emeritus Professor
University of California at Davis
Emeritus Professor Supernumerary Fellow
University College Oxford

Jan. 20 (Sat.) John and Paul Leave Taiwan ?

Scientific Questions by Ryan:
1. The nature of the margin and its influence on the orogen
2. The role of the arc during collision (overthrust, bulldoze, transpression)
3. The evolution of the arc magmatism during collision
4. The evolution of the subduction zone
5. The heat budget during ACC
6. The evolution of foreland basins during ACC
7. Post ACC processes (flip, triple junction migration, subduction transfer)


Supported by:

Ministry of Science and Technology

Department of Earth Sciences, National Central University

Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society