* Taiwan velocity model (Kuo-Chen, Wu, and Roecker, 2012, JGR; Kuo-Chen et al., 2012, GRL):

TAIGER 3D local Vp velocity model   maintained by IRIS

Local and Regional Vp model download from GoogleDrive

   dVp model  

   Local Vp model

   Regional Vp, Vs, and Vp/Vs model

— Local tomo: Grid spacing: 4 km x 4 km x 2 km (X x Y x Z)

— Regional tomo: Grid spacing: 6 km x 6 km x 6 km (X x Y x Z)

* Taiwan SKS splitting data (Kuo-Chen et al., 2009, GRL)

   2009 SKKS data  download from GoogleDrive