Comparative Studies of the Tectonophysics of Taiwan and West-Ireland Orogenies workshop II

2018 Jan. 15 (Mon.) at Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Chair: Jian-Cheng Lee
9:30-9:40Opening RemarksAcademician Sun-Lin Chung
Director of Institute of Earth Sciences
9:40-10:30The tectonic position, origin, and emplacement of ophiolitesProf. John Dewey
Distinguished Emeritus Professor
University of California at Davis
Emeritus Professor Supernumerary Fellow
University College Oxford
10:30-10:50A reinterpretation of the metamorphic Yuli belt: Evidence for a middle-late Miocene accretionary prism in eastern TaiwanProf. Wen-Shan Chen
National Taiwan University
Chair: Yuan-Hsi Lee
11:00-11:20Complex Plate Configuration and Deformation in Taiwan OrogenyProf. Francis Wu
SUNY at Binghamton
11:20-11:40A tale of two metamorphic belts in eastern TaiwanProf. Chin-Ho Tsai
National Dong-Hwa University
11:40-12:00Fold interference pattern and Foliation development during the shortening to extension stage in Taiwan oblique collision systemDr. Gung-Ruei Ho
National Central University
Chair: En-Chao Yeh
13:30-14:20The Tectonic Setting of Arc-ontinent Collision: past and presentProf. Paul Ryan
Emeritus Professor of NUI Galway
14:20-14:40Mountain building process of the Taiwan orogenic beltProf. Yuan-Hsi Lee
National Chung Cheng University
14:40-15:00Reflection on wedge kinematics of the Taiwan mountain beltProf. Chih-Tung Chen
National Central University
Chair: Hao Kuo-Chen
15:10-15:30Normal faulting and structural analyses in eastern edge of Central Range in eastern Taiwan: an exhumed subduction fore-arc accretionary prism?Prof. Jian-Cheng Lee
Institute of Earth Sciences
15:30-15:50Imaging the anomalous high-velocity zone in Eastern Taiwan from dense seismic array deployments and its tectonic implicationsProf. Hao Kuo-Chen
National Central University
15:50-16:10Kinematic Constraints of Eastern Central Range, Taiwan and Tectonic ImplicationsProf. En-Chao Yeh
National Normal University
16:10-16:30Relationship between denudation and incision rates in Central Range Eastern Taiwan: Perspective from in situ cosmogenic 10BeDr. Chu-Chun Kang
National Central University


2018 Jan. 19 (Fri.) at National Dong Hwa University, Hualien

Chair: Chin-Ho Tsai
9:30-10:20The sources of metamorphic heat during collisional orogeny: The Barrovian enigmaProf. Paul Ryan
Emeritus Professor of NUI Galway
10:30-11:10Tectonics of transtension in the brittle fieldProf. John Dewey
Distinguished Emeritus Professor
University of California at Davis
Emeritus Professor Supernumerary Fellow
University College Oxford

Organized by:

Dept. Earth Sciences, National Central University

Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica

Dept. Natural Resource & Environmental studies, National Dong Hwa University



Earth Science Research Promotion Center

Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society