Phase picking model training video

This video shows a convolutional neural network transferring seismic wave into P phase probability density function during the training process. The predict label looks like the original trace at first, drop down rapidly and slowly matches the training label.

Time-lapse video for delay-time kernel

Author: Li-Yu Kan (1) & Li Zhao (2)
(1) Department of Earth Sciences, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
(2) School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China

A movie showing the Vp and Vs delay-time kernel. Made with mc kernel.


Source depth Station Distance Link
500 km 105 deg
100 km 150 deg
20 km 60 deg

High-pass 100s filtered (zero phase)

Source depth Station Distance Link
500 km 105 deg
500 km
130 deg
100 km 150 deg
100 km 180 deg
20 km 105 deg (not finished)

Draw the outline of the text in GMT

While we choose a bright color for filling the text, a black outline is usually used to emphasize it (or it is unnoticeable). For plotting text on the canvas, we would immediately come up with pstext. But when we want to depict the outline of the text, there is no intuitive way or independent arguments for this. The -G and -W of pstext are actually for the background textbox rather than the text itself. Here, we provide two methods to achieve this: append =<pen> to the font specification in pstext or use psxy -Sl to plot the outline of the text.


Plot SAC with pssac in the cartesian time axis

photo_2019-03-20 18.19.24

After the release of GMT5.3.0, pssac has been included into the GMT package. PSSAC operates a more convenient way than pswiggle or psxy to plot with SAC file (a common file format used in seismology community). We no longer have to convert SAC files into XY files and plot them by sorting them manually. PSSAC provides several types of regular profile like sorting by azimuth, epicentral distance, or user-defined profile through -E arguments. However, there is no direct argument in -E to plot such a figure with a cartesian time of X-axis (or Y if given -Q). In this article, we provide the trick for plotting SAC file in an axis of time.